Sophie is keenly interested, not only in content creation, but in its promotion, ROI and strategic value. She provides valuable input regarding our content marketing strategy on the French market. She's a pleasure to work with, focused and always ready with new ideas.
Robin Nichols, Content Marketing Manager at AB Tasty
Sophie helped us lay down our content strategy and publication planning. She wrote several articles for us and even put together a workshop to help freelancers manage their content strategy. She's very knowledgeable, hard working, and it's a repeated pleasure to work with her!
Nicolas Reboud, Co-founder & CEO at Shine
For the Conversion Summit, Sophie worked on all the marketing and communication of the event, online and offline. She created all the content of graphic productions I made, thanks to her listening and her rigor we were perfectly aligned with AB Tasty's global strategy. It was a pleasure working together, I highly recommend the quality of his writing, the freshness of his ideas and his work dynamic! Thanks again!
Coraline Mas-Prévost, Freelance Graphic Designer